BarleyGrin Productions

What is BarleyGrin?

To my clients, it's the name they write the checks to.

To the IRS, it's the name they collect the checks from. 

To me, BarleyGrin is a character I imagined years ago that 

became a mentor, a guardian, an attitude, and lets be pragmatic:


When founding my company it was a name that still 

hadn't been registered and used.



BarleyGrin symbolizes Stamina.


Professionalism. Humor.

Dignity. Intelligence. 


Consideration. Determination. 

 Focus // Subject // Object // Achievement

That's how I work.

And so I guess that's the ethos of BarleyGrin as a company,

and me as owner and freelancer. 

As a starting package, that's what I bring to the table. 

And as a client that's what you're consistently guaranteed. 

That's BarleyGrin!