The Demo Story ...

I moved to NYC from the UK in 2014. 

                            This is now the base that I work from and the                                                 place I call home. 

I love watching things develop.

    Being a part of the process.

             Capturing the peaks and troughs, the highs and lows of a story. 

And like my Dutch, Danish and British ancestors, I don't mind traveling, exploring and working hard to find them. 

Documentary is my heart.

These kids were adorable; so positive, strong. 

I met them in Al Zaatari refugee camp, northern Jordan, while interviewing their mother, asking her to share her story of fleeing Syria with her family, and having yet more children in this displaced place. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 2.47.21 PM.png

I also handed over boxes of biscuits and chewing gum to the guards when entering that camp every morning, hiding my camera as I did so.

Seems papers and permits alone weren't so tasty for lunch. 

Good Ol' Reality TV!

There were some very creative minds behind these

                                   shows, and they were certainly 


I thank all involved in making these projects come to life


a lot of fun to make!

 and for giving me the opportunities they did.

... is fascinated with culture, people and identities. 

The Social Scientist in me ...



Dance, style, medicine, landscapes, icons.

Tattoos in London.

Rugby in the USA.

Women in Sports. 

Vinyl Vs strings

Freedoms and Restraints.

Rights. To be Included. Educated. Safe.

Loved. Protected. Employed. Antagonistic. Defensive. Responsible. 




Out there there are stories galore.

Who we are. 

What we value.

What we don't.  What we're allowed to. What we aren't.

All that's considered news, and also what isn't. 

Let's look at the historical and contemporary interpretations and opinions of them all.

And then there's filming in Mother Nature.

                       She can be a cruel mistress can't she; really mess around a shoot day. 

The spirit in me finds Mother N' a bit like production :


                    Always creating, always moving.




Giving challenge and stress generally before the calm struggle and success.

Making you think; 

What have I done? Where is my budget? Is this even possible? Should I just get a 9-5??! 

And she never takes a day off.

But you still know it's all worth it.

Recruiting crew, gathering gear, on set, on location, on the way there, in front of crashing pieces of software...


Work loads are managed, relationships made, teams become tighter.

Time passes, solutions are found.

(Craft service is mobbed.)

Communication is key. 


And then "IT'S A WRAP!" and we're all talking about how we did it before saying see you soon ...

... and perhaps most importantly, 'what's next?' 

To be continued ...